A Japanese architect Junko Suetake has designed and worked for many public, commercial and private clients and their build environment since the early 1990s.  Her most consistent output over the years has been carefully detailed design with sustainably resourced and locally made materials and with an emphasis on low energy consumption buildings, a considered approach to users and the surrounding environment.


Junko's last 10 years have been dedicated to school projects, community building, certified Passivhaus private houses, retrofit projects and a large scale Passivhaus cohousing project. She has collaborated with several Passivhaus specialists and peers whom she respects. Project examples include 1-5 Bateman Mews, which was awarded the RIBA Award and shortlisted for the Stephen Lawrence Prize in 2010 at Anne Thorne Architects LLP, where she was a Partner until 2012.

She is a Certified Passivhaus Designer since 2012 and one of the first graduates of the CarbonLite Retrofit training course. She directs Suetake Studio 2.

Junko Suetake