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Bob Prewett and Anna Carton


Having pioneered some of the lowest energy retrofit projects to date in the UK, Bob and Anna are passionate about the need to reduce the impact of buildings on the environment. Offering consultancy services to building owners and other professionals on low-energy construction and Passivhaus design. They have a hands-on approach, continuously seeking to improve the quality of construction on site.

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Robert Prewett is a director at Prewett Bizley architects, where he has pioneered deep retrofit strategies on a wide range of house types.  This research has demonstrated that overall energy reduction of around 80% is achievable alongside architectural and conservation ambitions. Robert is a certified Passivhaus designer and Prewett Bizley is a founding member of the UK Passivhaus Trust. He joined the RIBA Sustainable Futures Group in April 2014 where he hopes to develop the profession’s engagement with responsible retrofit work. He also sits on the Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance expert panel, which lead him to co-author guidance on solid wall insulation for Bristol City Council.

Robert Prewett